Vendor Stand Guidelines and Terms & Conditions

Please note:

  • The merchandise on sale/display on the stand must be pre-approved by CFDE.
  • CFDE reserve the right to remove any merchandise not previously approved.
  • Food stands will not be allowed to set-up unless CFDE have seen original copies of the relevant hygiene, health and safety certificates and public liability insurance.
  • Gloves must be worn at all times during the preparation and serving of food.
  • No alcohol can be sold without a permit. Anyone found serving alcohol without a permit will be closed immediately and have a lifetime ban from CFDE events.
  • No loud music can be played from the stalls.
  • Professional catering equipment must be used at all times.
  • Failure to stop serving at the agreed time will result in your forfeiting your security bond and being banned from future CFDE events.


Attendance Date(s):       Sun 12th JULY 2015 12pm – 7pm (with set up from 7-11am)

You will be shown to the food area on arrival and directed to your allocated stall space. Please do not spread out so much as to infringe on other vendors. If we feel that you are spreading out too much you will be asked to confine your space. The stand should be staffed at all times throughout the event with a minimum of three serving staff.


You will be allowed into the gardens to set up from 7am until 11am. There will be no entry into the gardens with vehicles before or after this time. Please ensure you are ready to start trading by 11noon. Your stall must be staffed at all times. Closing down will be from 7pm. You must leave the site by 9.00pm at the latest. Please note your vehicle cannot leave or enter the gardens until a) permission is given, b) all crowds have dispersed, C) after the event has ended.


Vehicles may be driven into the square through the Trades entrance to un-load. You will be required to take vehicles to a car park or street to be parked. All vehicles must be off site by 9pm. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL CARS BE ALLOWED TO PARK IN THE SQUARE ON THE DAY UNLESS AGREED IN ADVANCE.


You are responsible for the removal of all rubbish generated on your stall. To help you a skip will be on site.

  • Each stall holder is required to clear their rubbish and remove from site.
  • Food waste must be stored in a secure bag or container throughout the event and removed from the site at the end of the event.
  • All used oil, grease or fat must be secured in a sealable container and removed from the site. NO oil, grease or fat shall be discharged on site or in the skip.
  • Hot coals must be cooled and removed from the site at the end of the event. It must not be placed in the skip.


£XXX inclusive plus £200 security bond refundable, if you adhere to the terms and conditions in this contract.


Payment of pitch fee £xxx (All stalls will be issued on a first come first served basis, you may reserve a stall with a deposit of £250 to be returned with your application form and remainder of payment to be received by 14 days from your deposit or by the 1st June 2015

Security Bond (refundable)  £200 (to be post-dated 1 July 2015)


  • After 1st JUNE 2015, a £100 administration fee will be charged.
  • After 1st JULY 2015 there will be no refund.                                                                          

To secure your space please return this form along with your pitch fee (£XXX) or deposit (£250) together with a post-dated cheque for your security bond. Space at the event will be assigned on a first-come-first served basis. Photocopies of all hygiene, health and safety certificates must be sent to CFDE by 1st JUNE 2015.

You will be provided an invoice. All cheques to be made payable to ‘CaribDirect Multi-Media ’, and mailed to Upper Unit 5, The Co-op Centre, 11 Mowll Street London SW9 6BG.

Please note the following:

  1. No equipment, tables, chairs of covering will be provided by CFDE. You are therefore strongly encouraged to bring your own gazebo, umbrella or covering, to act as cover from both the sun and/or rain. Tables/chairs will be provided at a cost.
  2. To ensure adherence to all terms and conditions detailed within this document a £200 refundable security bond is required by way of a post-dated cheque payable to CFDE via CaribDirect Multi-Media invoice. This security bond will be returned to you by cheque at the end of the event upon prompt closure of your stand and inspection of your area. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions detailed herein will result in a forfeit of your security bond and a ban at future CFDE events.


In the event that the Business/Proprietor named above is prevented from vending due to inclement weather on the day, or other circumstances beyond the Business/Proprietor control (excluding traffic jams, vehicle breakdown, public transport cancellations/delays, misinterpretation of dates/times, closure by The Health and Safety Officer, The Police, Customs and Excise, Environmental Health or Licensing Officials), the above mentioned fee will not be refundable. Events arranged must take place whatever the weather unless CFDE decides that the event shall be cancelled. Such a decision will be the sole responsibility of CFDE in any case will not be made at least 30 minutes have elapsed after the advertised time of start. In the event of difficulties occurring on the way to Windrush Square, which might result in lateness or absence, the Business/Proprietor is obliged to inform CFDE without delay.

  1. Any alterations and additions to this contract by Business/Proprietor must be confirmed and agreed upon in writing.
  2. The duly signed agreement must be returned to CFDE as soon as possible.
  3. Applications will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis.
  4. This contract shall be subject to and constructed according to English Law and the parties agree to accept the exclusive direction of the Courts of England.
  5. That permission is given exclusively for the purpose specified in the contract, all other rights being excluded.
  6. The Business/Proprietor will be subject to the approval of CFDE or its representative(s) whose decision must be accepted as final.
  7. The Business/Proprietor hereby undertake to indemnify CFDE against all claims, demands, costs and expenses in respect of any damage to property or personal injury (whether fatal or otherwise) howsoever arising in connection with anything done or omitted to be done by themselves, their servants or agents in the fulfilment of any engagements which may be undertaken for CFDE.
  8. CFDE accepts no responsibility for the safe custody of any property belonging to or on hire to, Business/Proprietor.
  9. Business/Proprietor will be responsible for providing all necessary equipment needed to trade unless otherwise specified in the contract
  10. Power will not be provided.
  11. It is your responsibility to ensure that all goods are fit for the purpose and that your stand and display are structurally and electrically safe. In case of any electrical appliances a current test certificate must be available for inspection on the day.
  12. No electrical or gas appliance maybe sold. No fire works or other explosive devices are permitted in the Gardens and must not be sold.
  13. We have the right to stop the Business/Proprietor from trading if CFDE do not see the originals and copies of the required certificates. All rights to the pitch fee will be lost.
  14. That you follow all the necessary rules, regulations and laws in relation to Health and Safety set down both by CFDE, the local authority and by the Government.
  15. There is a site speed restriction in force of 5m.p.h.
  16. There shall be no sub-letting of the stand/space.
  17. Porter is not included, you must make your own arrangements for moving, loading or positioning of any equipment required and ensures that proper safety guidelines are followed. If help is required advance arrangements must be made and will be subject to an extra charge.
  18. No equipment may be stored at the Park
  19. The Park is to be left in the same good order and condition as found and all rubbish removed from the premises. Any damage or extra litter clearance will be subject to an extra charge
  20. You are responsible for your conduct and that of your guests
  21. CFDE can accept no responsibility for the safety of children. Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times
  22. You will be responsible for the security and insurance of your stock, products and equipment
  23. CFDE reserves the right for their representatives to require any person to leave the Park or any other location and to terminate the event if security matters such as bombs, fire or in the opinion of the representative the behaviour of those attending warrants such action
  24. If you require CFDE to supply anything over and above what we have supplied to you, this must be agreed to and applied for prior to the hire and may be subject to additional charges
  25. Any additional points raised in any additional correspondence from us in regards to this contract will become part of these Terms and Conditions
  26. To protect CFDE and keep it indemnified from and against all actions, claims, demands, costs, losses and expenses which may be brought or made against them or incurred by them howsoever arising directly or indirectly out of or in connection with the facilities hereby granted in respect to the following matters:
  • death or personal injury to any person
  • loss of or damage to any property of THE Park
  • loss of or damage to any property belonging to the indemnified
  • loss of or damage to any property belonging to any person other than the indemnified
  • any other loss or injury which may be incurred or suffered by the indemnified or by any other person
  1. Not to make any claims against CFDE in respect of any of the aforesaid matters.
  2. AND AGREE that the foregoing undertaking shall extend to and include all and everybody of CFDE and Windrush Square servants or agents whether now or hereafter in CFDE and Windrush Square employ and for this purpose acknowledge that in respect of this agreement its servants and agents as aforesaid Provided that in respect of any claims or proceedings against such servants or agents this agreement shall apply only to acts done or omitted to be done by them whilst acting within the scope of their employment by the Authority.
  3. Any stall holder not adhering to the terms and conditions above will be banned from future CFDE events
  4. That you agree to all the terms and conditions that is stated in this contract including those in all the applicable sub-sections.

If you require additional information please contact:-

Caribbean Food and Drink Expo

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