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Caribbean Food and Drink Conference and Expo 2015 (CFDE 2015) was born out of the CaribDirect International Business Network (CIBN) program that is a membership organisation within CaribDirect Multi-Media which focuses on providing trade and investment opportunities for small to medium sized businesses within the Caribbean community.

Part of the vision of CIBN is to initiate and undertake commercial initiatives with suitable global partners aimed at contributing to the gross domestic product (GDP) of the Caribbean by 0.2% in 5 years, up to 2020. Details of this vision are contained in the Caribbean New Frontier 2020 program.

CFDE 2015 is the first initiative of Caribbean New Frontier 2020 aimed at stimulating trade and investment among food and drink entrepreneurs, captains of industry and others within the UK Caribbean market place.

For added value and to maximise the opportunity for success of the CFDE 2015, CaribDirect Multi-Media partnered with Fairweather Productions while collaborating with the Black Cultural Archives and Lambeth Council.

The ethos of this event is basically to deliver a quality conference and expo on an annual basis to an expectant national Caribbean and British audience with an appreciation of Caribbean cuisine and indigenous drinks, through strategic partnerships.

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